I believe in capturing moments as they happen. My style is distinct, a result of both my unrelenting commitment to my craft and complete trust from clients who commission me. I have worked on many diverse photography projects including fashion, still, event and corporate. My skills are varied yet focused on both subject and quality of my projects. 

Hello and thank you for wanting to learn more about Andre Lamar Photography. I'm Lamar, the passionate, enthusiastic wedding photographer!
I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancee Dekeya and we have a very inquisitive six year old son Christian. Outside of being a photographer I'm a self proclaimed movie buff/foodie and a tech junkie! In my spare time I love traveling with my family, researching new trends and ordering from Amazon. My initial interest in photography started with a class in high school which led me to getting my first camera body. Its been history ever since! I firmly believe that each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, no matter the industry and I'm certain this is mine.  Capturing memories that will last a lifetime is priceless and I really enjoy being able to provide that for my customers. 


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